Jamie Pearson funeral director

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simple cremation costs

simple cremation £2200

(plus 3rd party costs)

typical costs


this is all that's required for a simple cremation:

funeral director's services £1600
hire of hearse £200
cremation coffin £400
Glasgow Crematorium fees £625
total funeral £2,825

paying for the funeral

  • with the simple funeral, we ask for full payment prior to the funeral
  • you can pay by cheque, direct bank transfer, credit card or cash

help paying for the funeral

you may be eligible for the following

  • funeral payment, if the person paying qualifies (from £1030-1355)
  • bereavement payment (£2000)
  • bereavement allowance (about £30 - £100 per week)

NB funeral payments are usually paid after the funeral has take place


helpline - 0845 606 0265