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Simple funerals

Funerals can easily become expensive affairs, but if we just stick to the essentials it doesn't have be too costly. The Scottish Goverment plan to indroduce guidelines to help everyone understand the cost of a simple funeral and make pricing comparisons easier between funeral directors. Below is an example of the proposed guideline for a simple funeral   

simple funeral

  • The funeral director's services 
  • Attending to the necessary arrangements, completion of necessary certification, taking instructions, guidance on registration and legally required procedures
  • Transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral director's facilities (normally within 15 miles) and appropiate care therafter
  • Provision of a suitable coffin*
  • Viewing of the deceased (exluding embalming)
  • Provision of a hearse or appropiate vehicle direct to crematorium or cemetery
  • Service at crematiorium or cemetery
  • *A burial coffin typically costs £100 more than cremation coffin

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