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woodland burial in Scotland

Woodland burial is becoming increasingly popular in Scotland, it can represent an eco sensitive choice for many, with the use of biodegradable coffins and a tree or wild flowers planted in place of a headstone.

The freedom to do it your way

You can choose to have a simple family led graveside funeral with a cardboard coffin and flowers from the garden. or perhaps a more conventional funeral service in the local hall or church with a traditional style woodland coffin, followed by a woodland burial.

For some, just being able to organise your own tribute for your loved one or to organise your own coffin or individual transport can bring more meaning to the service.

You needn't even have a funeral service at all, many people now opt for a direct cremation which means I take care of the cremation and return the ashes to you so that you are able to have your own tribute whenever and wherever you want.

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