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Traditional funerals

What makes a "traditional funeral" is very much down to your own experience of any funerals that you may have seen either within your family or culture. I've organised 100's of funerals and can't say that any two are exactly the same. I feel my job is to listen to you first to try and meet your expectations then guide you through the whole process. It's very much a collaboritive process, there will be many things I can organise for you that will lift the stress from your shoulders and there are others you may want to be more involved in.  

Generally we will be arranging a burial or cremation with a religious or non-religious service at the cemetery or crematorium and possibly an additional service at another venue. We can discuss some of the choices below:

  • how soon you would like the funeral 
  • who would you like to conduct a service
  • burial: is there an existing grave or new grave
  • cremation: which crematorium would you prefer
  • do you want an additional service before or after
  • any favourite music or hymns to be played 
  • any orders of service required for the service 
  • any particular choice of transport or route to funeral
  • do you want family members to carry/lower coffin
  • choice of floral trubutes
  • choice of coffin styles 
  • dressing or jewlery choices 
  • whether anyone would want to view
  • what should happen to ashes after cremation

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